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March is “free wills month”. However, we offer free funeral plans of wishes every month.

Why?  We see families struggle to make decisions without the knowledge of what their loved one would have wanted.  So, we’re here to help anyone wanting to plan ahead and here’s how.

  1. Pop in to chat to us

We have generations of experience guiding people around the basic decisions through to precise event planning for extravagant send-offs.  Over a cup of tea, we’ll talk through options and we’ll give you transparent pricing for you to make informed decisions.

  1. Free checklist of questions

Download our free checklist from the home page where you can tick off your preferences.  The 20 questions form the basis of a Free Plan of Wishes which we can prepare for you to keep with important papers.

  1. Share your plans

You can also use the checklist to prompt a discussion with close family or friends to find out what they would like.  We appreciate this is not the most obvious dinner table conversation to have, but if we had a pound for everytime a family say “it was so much easier than we feared”, we’d be well-off.  And if it helps, we’ve been asked to join a Sunday dinner to explain one man’s choices to his family and answer all the questions it provoked to everyone’s satisfaction.

  1. Make Your Own

Go online and record your choices from our website.  It’s the same checklist which, once completed, sends your Plan of Wishes to your inbox.  From there you can forward it on, print it off or just keep it safe.

Free funeral planning removes the burden from your loved ones at a difficult time.  You can update your Plan anytime as circumstances evolve.  There’s no charge for any assistance or guidance and you can be as specific or general as you like.

And if you want to consider prepayment options, we can have that discussion too.  Buying a funeral prepayment plan is a secure, safe way of locking in your wishes at today’s professional fees and saving money in the longer term.

Whether this is for you or someone you love, we’re here to help.