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James Morris, our managing director and funeral director for 30 years explores the impact death has in the digital world of 2021.

A few months ago, one of my colleagues received a message on his phone. From his reaction, something was obviously not quite right.  He went on to explain that the message was actually a birthday reminder for a friend. Problem was, his chum had sadly and unexpectedly died over a year earlier. Understandably he was shocked and dismayed by the prompt.

That little incident just highlighted for me the importance of preparing for both our physical death but also our digital death too, so our loved ones are not faced with yet another burden.

So much of our lives are now linked to the internet, whether that be social media, streamed entertainment, online accounts and payments, banking and utilities, to name just a few. When the inevitable does eventually happen, would those closest to you know even where to start to look for your online accounts, profiles and passwords?

We are not scare mongering but … how do you plan or prepare?

I’m not surprised the inevitable answer is a website. Ours to be exact.

In fact we have a section that specifically deals with this very thing. If you visit the ‘Digital End of Life’ page and download the free checklist, there is some really helpful and practical advice. With links to specific pages to set up your own digital will, or to sites where you can record key details in a protected place, we’ve summarised the main steps to take so this need not remain a minefield.

Tempting though it is, please don’t be like so many and put your head in the sand. To have all your affairs in order, including your digital legacy, is such a kindness towards those who will be wrestling with – and confused by – their grief at the time of your death. And, as my colleague’s experience shows, that pain can be triggered a year or more on.

We cannot avoid dying, but we can ease the pain for those we leave behind by being prepared in every way possible.

Download our free guide today.